Digital marketing strategy

Effective digital marketing = new quality customers from the internet
Marketing, advertising and promoting your business digitally is a very complex task that involves a large number of components such as: website, landing pages, campaigns, mailing lists, newsletters, campaigns, banner ads and more. How do you know what the right move is? In order to achieve results, the marketing move must be characterized and planned.

Good digital marketing is an art

It consists of proper planning, proper execution and proper diagnosis of the data.

In the evolving digital age, promotion and marketing opportunities are more numerous than ever.
We can promote our business with the help of organic content or sponsored advertisements,
Use social media, or a blog at all. And what about the newsletter?
Write professional articles or even invest in a webinar? These are just the tip of the iceberg.
Friends and colleagues will tell you that you need to be present on as many platforms as possible, that there is no choice -
But the truth is that not everything can be done (nor is it worthwhile).

How do you know which platforms to market?
What kind of content should be produced? Should you invest in organic or funded?

The answer to all these important questions lies in one phrase - marketing strategy. Yes, it is not easy for us as business owners to stop and plan. There is always something to do and you always have to generate income and manage and market and finance. But real progress can only be made with thorough and effective planning of the marketing effort.

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So, how does it work?

In a joint process we will thoroughly characterize and examine some important core issues.

Business identity: Who is the target audience? What are his needs? What are the marketing messages?
What is the language? We will use different models in order to diagnose the different issues in depth and analyze
Existing marketing funnels (if any) in order to clearly understand our starting point.

Content Strategy: When there is a clear and broad perception of the target audience and the marketing messages, the content can be given consideration. What value do I want to give to my audience? What kind of content will give it? In what ways can I arouse interest? At each stage in the marketing funnel we will produce content tailored to the audience and tailored to the marketing purpose.

Marketing tools: We will discover together which marketing tools will serve our marketing process - diagnostic tools (such as Google Analytics), CRM system for orderly management of customers and sales processes, landing pages, mailing and SMS software, possible automations and more.

Marketing channels: So we understood who we were marketing to and with what content, and now it remains to decide how in which channels to distribute the content - is it organic or sponsored? Is it social media, blog or newsletter. Or at all other platforms dedicated to your business area. Together we will understand what the right mix of marketing platforms is and how to consistently and orderly manage the distribution in each of them.

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There is no one right strategy for everyone.

We will be happy to have an introductory conversation with you and see how we can put together the exact formula for you.
We offer you - a comprehensive, comprehensive and personal service and full support and accompaniment, along with control
And smart reports that will allow you to learn and improve the marketing of your business.