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Digital Launch

Do you have a digital product or service that you want to bring to market?

Digital launch is the fastest method to bring as many customers to your business as possible. Smart management of digital launch makes it possible to bring in maximum customers and make sure they are the "right" customers.
Properly launched, smartly planned and timed can bring loads of high quality new customers to the business. Digital Launch is a multi-stage area that combines proper scheduling, unique offering and analysis and in-depth characterization of the market and target audience.
Since this is a complex process and has great business potential, we would like to plan it carefully and focus on questions such as:

- Who is our target audience?
- In what way is it best for us to approach it?
- What are his needs?
- Who are my competitors?
- What is my distinction and uniqueness compared to them?
- Do I make an offer that can not be refused?
- What tools should I use to convey my messages?
- When is the best time for me to go out with the launch?

The work begins long before the launch of a comprehensive market research and continues of course after that. After the first exit with the launch, the data obtained from the campaign interfaces, the data processing systems, the staff, the de facto sales is performed while drawing conclusions and making changes and adjustments in the campaigns and messages throughout the first weeks (and even more, depending) of the launch.

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Among the various services that the launch includes
(Tailored to customer needs):

Thorough and comprehensive market research About the market, competitors and target audience, using all the digital means available to us - search tools, data organization, analysis and diagnosis tools and the production of organized reports. (Read more about market research)

Characterization and definition of a marketing funnel, From the exposure phase to the sales phase, according to the target audiences we have defined

Building the marketing and sales array of the product And setting up automations that will support the process and allow things to happen efficiently and quickly - registration, mailing, clearing and more.

Building a content strategy Depending on the different funnel stages, including coffee and creative.

Build landing pages In order to improve and optimize conversion rates and achieve excellent campaign results.

Set up and manage campaigns on Google and social networks Depending on the budget and marketing objectives set - at all stages of launch. At the various stages it is necessary to make adjustments and improve the campaigns in the light of the results and data obtained.

Analysis and diagnosis of data related to launch Coming from the tools from the various platforms - email opening data, conversion rates, website traffic, campaign data, sales volume and more.

At WebAs we bring a working model that takes all variables into account
And adapts them to your specific needs, of your brand and of course of the product
Or the service you want to go out with. We have extensive experience and a skilled staff that allow us to become
The launch of a planned and successful business move. Feel free to do it right.

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