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It is very important for me to start writing this story from the beginning ...

In the eyes of storytelling art - yours and your business - this is perhaps the most important thing in creating a business in the digital age - and especially when it comes to marketing your business - when marketing basically talks about brand, product and service communication to get your goal - so no right tool And the ability to tell the story in the right and best way for the reader of the story and the narrator of the story.

Our story goes through a lot of points - and it's even harder to say where it will end - although it's pretty clear how it started - and like many stories - it's the bottom - the most pessimistic and black point I could think of today after the third consecutive election day in Israel in 2020 (3/3 / 2020).

I realized that I needed a more significant emotional investment in everything I touched - the most precious thing to me was my first home, my wife, my business and of course myself - from that moment I decided on a fundamental change - I finally decided to quit smoking, quit coffee, sugar (and gluten avoidance) - and change This one - which I believe is basically part of the process of loving myself and my story - (I remember hearing in a lecture that only after falling in love - can only continue the power of love itself to keep developing and strengthening what is dear and important to us…)

General tips and tricks for business storytelling:

Creating an ongoing present - how to make the art of storytelling a sensory experience

The Chemical Ingredients of Storytelling - ANGEL / DEVIL COCTAIL:


Dopamine: Focus, motivation and memory

Oxitocin: Generosity, trust and connection / empathy

Endorphines: Creative, laughable, calm and focused


Cortizol + Andrenaline:

Intolerance, nervousness, lack of creativity, memory impairment, and customer judgment

For a good story, no more than 3 ideas are recommended


... From money making to meaning making

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