Chapter 6 - Marketing and promotion


To market and promote a website, we will need to adapt it to the search engines. Sometimes, proper marketing may be just as important as the quality of the product or service. In our case, on the Internet, most of the marketing is done through promoting the site organically or sponsored by the appropriate engines. Website promotion is the way to make sure that our website appears at the top of the search engine results, thereby actually ensuring that surfers will be exposed to it and enter it.


How to begin? 

מנועי חיפוש עושים שימוש במנגנוני החלטה שמורכבים מ200 (ואפילו יותר) פרמטרים שמעט מאוד אנשים יודעים מה הם במדויק. לא נוכל להסביר לכם בדיוק איך מנועי חיפוש עובדים, אבל מה שכן נוכל לעשות זה לעזור לכם להבין איך הכי נכון לקדם את האתר שלכם דרכם 😊

In this chapter we will detail all the elements of marketing and adapting the site to search engines

Let's get started?

Connection to a tracking tool

Today, Google is the most popular search engine in Israel (surprisingly?). With a few simple steps, we can help Google get to know our site, and thus make it appear in a higher position in searches. Steps of this type are making the site map accessible to Google, embedding links of reliable and long-standing websites on your website and vice versa, embedding codes provided by Google into the website's programming system, etc.

Defining descriptions and tags

Defining the description and tags that Google will present to the surfer in the best way

Defining headings and subheadings

The search engines and Google in particular put a lot of emphasis on titles and subtitles. It is necessary to define them as such specifically in order for Google to retrieve the correct data from our site.

B/A tests

Tests that verify that specific content works correctly both visually and operationally. Buttons, content, colors and more.

Verification of links and references

Verification that there are no broken links or references, all links are relevant to descriptions and the like.

what can you do

It is recommended to consult an expert, but it is entirely possible to do this work yourself, with an emphasis on the expert's recommendations. If you chose to promote your website yourself, it is recommended to invest consistently. A few minutes a day can make a big difference in a few weeks or months.

  • Engagement - you can get a code to track your website data and try to promote it yourself.
  • Tests - it is recommended to go through from time to time and check that the content of the site is written correctly, that all the buttons are clickable and relevant.
  • Keywords - the search can be improved by using keywords in the various plugins in WordPress. Also, renaming images and the like to relevant names may help Google link your site, your images, and search results.

Why should you pay attention?

Patience - the field of promotion is a process worth investing in, but it will usually take time before you see results.

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