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Consulting, accompanying and supporting managers and company owners for optimal management 
Including our unique service: "Digital mentoring
With close supervision and the use of smart and automatic digital tools. turn your business into
Smart, efficient, digital, automatic and humane... 
and achieve maximum growth, efficiency, brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Smart technology management successfully

Why the integration of digital and automatic processes in the business
Should be your next step?

Improve work efficiency in your business or organization

Increase the product and the result significantly and significantly

You will gain concentration and focus on the important things - and use your time wisely

Make your business processes fast and accurate

Increase customer satisfaction with a personal and human experience

You will make smarter decisions based on the knowledge, experience and support of professionals

Use the resources at your disposal for the prosperity and success of your business

What can we do for you?

Consulting for the optimization of business and organizational management processes

A combination of smart management tools and automation in the management processes are a necessary and smart step in the fast and advanced world in which we live. Whether it is a new project, or processes that have been running in the business for years, whether it is recruitment of large personnel, supply, procurement, customer service or quality control - we map the organizational process in question, and integrate automations to optimize the process.

  • Mapping business and organizational processes
  • Finding possible points for improvement
  • Adapting automations to the needs of the business, including setting up and learning

Consulting for the automation of marketing processes

Marketing automations lead the marketing processes to maximum efficiency. We are here to save you valuable time in the process, to automate important points such as a quote, sales email and regular mailings, so that your business can grow to new heights.

  • Finding possible points for improvement
  • Adapting automations to the marketing needs of the business

Management and improvement of digital assets

The digital assets in your possession are the key points of all marketing processes. We offer to be your marketing arm. We establish, build, and manage digital assets for you: websites, landing pages and social media business pages.

  • Building a content strategy
  • Building digital assets
  • Setting up and managing sponsored campaigns
  • Data-driven marketing optimization

Building a marketing strategy

Preliminary planning, quality review and in-depth acquaintance with the target audience are a sure way to business success. We offer to guide you through the entire process.

  • Thorough and comprehensive market research
  • Characterization and definition of a marketing funnel
  • Building a marketing and sales system for the product/service
  • Setting up process-supporting automations
  • Characterization of business identity
  • Building a content strategy
  • Examination of marketing tools
  • Selection of marketing channels

Web consulting and guidance - website architecture

If you are just before planning a website, or you have an existing website that needs improvements. We accompany the way from an initial review to a converter site.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Characterization of marketing needs
  • Adaptation and programming according to needs
  • Integration of the site with other platforms
  • Changes to existing / old websites

Digital market research

Digital market research that reviews the state of the arena is a service that is recommended for start-up and advanced businesses. We conduct in-depth research about competitors, market demands and trends, including generating insights that lead to improved results. 

  • Improving existing products and services or building infrastructure for new products
  • Gathering information about competitors
  • Collecting demographic data for potential customers
  • Examining the actual effect of existing branding
  • Improving traffic, conversions and sales
  • Measuring customer awareness and how the product is used
  • Generating research-based insights to improve business decisions

Website experience analysis using digital analysis and tracking tools

The implementation of Google analytics allows monitoring the experience of surfers on the website, and real-time improvement. We help businesses understand the insights behind the numbers and how to grow from them. 

  • Analyzing statistical information from Google Analytics
  • Analysis of a transverse or specific market situation
  • Statistics on website operations
  • Using and tracking in-house applications
  • Advanced tools for smart and advanced management
  • QA / Quality control for product / service
  • Surveys and reviews on any relevant subject
  • Analysis of marketing and advertising information

Study, training and apprenticeship for innovation and organizational wisdom - introduction to the digital world for organizations and companies

Acquaintance with the digital world and its multitude of tools and possibilities opens up business and marketing paths for growth and development. Smart management tools and methods and the advancement of technology - can help all of us to be more efficient - whether in organizational management tasks - up to work and communication with customers.

We deliver trainings to the public and private sector, those that teach correct thinking, digital mastery and provide tools for independent management.

  • Trainings for teams and individuals.
  • Personalized lessons.
  • Tools advanced by technology.
  • Emphasis on the human element...
  • Correct work methods with the work tools.
  • Focusing on topics according to your needs.

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What else is important for you to know?

We are committed to the success of our customers, as much as you are committed to the success of your business.
For us, the path to success includes a humane, professional and uncompromising response.

You have a unique contribution to give to the world, we have the tools in the digital worlds.
We suggest combining them and creating wonderful things

"Business is done out of optimism..."

We have over 20 years of experience in the digital worlds and building websites.

During this time we managed to provide service to hundreds of businesses and companies.

For us, the basis of good service is a good coordination of expectations, therefore this is the beginning of every service we provide.

We believe in people and processes. That's why understanding your needs and desires/requirements are the most important for us.

We believe in practical results, and know that the way there is through wisdom, creativity, and professionalism.


 ייעוץ קריירה UL360
Career counseling UL360
Lilac Schussheim
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From the moment the words were ready, the site was created at the speed of light just exactly to my liking. Zero gaps between expectation and performance. Elad, you are a true professional! Thanks for the guidance and precision.
מנכ"ל מייסד | ABG-SC
Founder CEO | ABG-SC
Alon Ben-Gal
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The Unmanned Network website was designed and built by the best in the field. Elad Yanai, executed the project phenomenally. Beyond a lot of professionalism, actually building complex websites, the support, availability, accessibility and countless hours of information and advice were the critical factor that further differentiates DIVINE from the rest.
מדריך ומורה דרך
guide and guide
Shai Shvalab
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I was very happy to meet you and I was impressed by the great professionalism you demonstrate. My connection with Becky, the talented graphic artist, resulted in a website with a charming and captivating design. Thank you very much
מנהלת שיווק עמותת "אנוש"
Marketing Director of the "Anush" Association
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Many thanks for the joint effort and the insistence to make it work before the holiday even when it seemed like we were taking one step forward and two steps back. It was definitely worth the investment and we can only hope that it will continue to work smoothly and be easy to implement (we count on you in case it doesn't)
 מרכז הבמה – ווב טייגר
Center stage - Web Tiger
Miriam Kosover
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Thank you very much and of course I will continue to recommend to customers as I have recommended until today. You have a very important part in the success of the site.
צבי קרינסקי
Zvi Krinsky
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Totally recommended! Professional guy, available, good prices, fast work. You will store websites through him, his server through Yofers.
מפת אגדה
legend map
Adi Harari
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You only get compliments on the site - not only from Israel, but mainly from colleagues in the world!!! I am certainly glad that we met, and look forward to the continued cooperation between us and the joint work. (-:

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